Halt At Standing Rock

Protesting in Standing Rock has proven to be victorious!

Kanye Has Been Released

The word on the street is that Yeezy is back on them.

Everyone’s Talking About Tomi Lahren’s Interview

Tomi Lahren was asked to confront the controversial statements she’s made over the last several months, and people had a lot to say. Take a look…

Trim Your Waist While You Trim the Tree

With the holiday season comes lots of eating. Here’s a quick recipe that’ll help keep your body in season!

The Weeknd Isn’t Going Anywhere

Following a very successful release, The Weeknd took the stage to perform some tracks from his newly released, best-selling album.

Ray J’s Famous feat. Chris Brown

Make sure you hear the song that everyone’s been talking about. Ray J’s visual album, Raydemption, is coming soon!

Bounce Back from Thanksgiving Dinner

We don’t blame you for eating that extra slice of pumpkin pie, but if you’re looking for a little help fitting into your holiday party outfit, look no further…

Vince Vaughn Asks Kids What They’re Thankful For

Despite everything going on in the world, take some time today to think about what you’re thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

Everyone is getting ready to sit down with their families to talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner. Are you ready?

Is ‘Ye Okay?

Reports say that Kanye West has been hospitalized after abruptly canceling the rest of The Saint Pablo Tour.

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New Life the Movie

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