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According to gossip site TMZ, Nick Cannon reportedly filed the divorce papers on 12 December 2014, just over a week after Mariah Carey – who split from the TV personality in the summer after six years of marriage – was said to have been discussing terms of her property settlement with her lawyers.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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The gossip website believes the pair – who have three-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan – have agreed on a deal but also noted Nick won’t be entitled to any of the 44-year-old singer’s earnings from her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

Mariah confirmed earlier this week she has signed up to headline the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and she is expected to receive more than $30 million for the run of gigs.

Mariah also revealed the Sin City crowd can expect to hear all 18 of her number one hits at her show.

She said: “I’m going to do my first ever residency in Vegas at Caesars. This is a special event for me.

“And again, I have to hope that the fans will enjoy this cause I’m gonna be performing, which was kind of inspired by my album Number 1’s, and this is now the updated version with 18 of them.”

Nick, 34, recently took to Twitter to insist he will “never say anything negative” about his estranged wife and hopes they can both “move forward” this year.

He wrote: “I will never say anything negative about @MariahCarey We are forever a family rooted in love.

“I am always an open book but Personal matters are just that ‘Personal.’ So please respect my family and respect the process.”

“I have no problem being painted as the bad guy. I got tough skin. Keep going! I just pray we ALL can move forward in the new year.”



We still can’t believe that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon split this year. The 44-year-old singer, who separated from the America’s Got Talent host over the summer after six years of marriage, is reportedly suffering from severe insomnia because she’s a “mess.”

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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A source close to the star, who has three-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with Nick, is frustrated that she no longer has the happy family unit she wants and “can’t sleep.”

The couple have yet to file for divorce and friends believe Mariah is eager for a reconciliation. The insider told Us Weekly that she isn’t ready to “give up the idea of a happy family.”

According to reports, she broke down in tears while performing at the Beacon Theatre in New York City last week.

Nick recently insisted he and the All I Want For Christmas star would always be family despite reports their split was getting contentious.

Asked about their plans for Christmas, he said: “Always focus on family. We’ll forever be family.

“At the same time, we’re there for our children, making them the No. 1 priority and understanding they’re loved and can have an amazing holiday.”



Oh no, not over Christmas, you guys…

As we all know, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have split, and the two are planning on making it official – with divorce papers.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mariah and Nick spent Thanksgiving together with their twins, which had everyone hoping for a reconciliation. However, the two are just trying to keep things as normal as possible for their children while they go through the divorce process.

According to People Magazine, Mariah was late to the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting because she was on the phone with lawyers, trying to figure out the details of her impending divorce.

“She was on the phone for probably close to five hours straight with lawyers,” said a source.

What’s the problem? Well,Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon can’t agree on custody, which is what is taking so long. According to InTouch Weekly, the custody battle is just heating up, and since the two can’t agree, it’s something that they will have to battle out in court.

“They both currently share custody of their two children, Monroe and Moroccan, both 3-years-old, a $5 million private jet, as well as various properties and luxury cars – and are planning to fight each other in court,” reports InTouch. Sources say that Mariah and Nick are doing their best to keep it together for the kids, but when the kids aren’t around, the two are far from amicable.

“I think they’re trying to work all these details out on property and the kids before it gets filed. They communicate because of the kids,” said a source, adding that Mariah is just trying to stay in the moment, and focus on what is to come in her immediate future.

“She’s trying to keep it together. She’s focused on caring for her children and her upcoming five sold-out Christmas engagements in New York.”


Nick Cannon has covered up his Mariah Carey tattoo – but has he moved on from his ex-wife already with Amber Rose, who recently split with Wiz Khalifa?

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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The rumours about the pair hooking up have been swirling for a while, and whenTMZ obtained a video of the pair on a rollercoaster ride together, everyone really did think they were in lurve.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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But the pair have both denied the rumours – Amber Rose told People (at the launch of a sparkling wine event), “I’m focused on my son and my work” and that “I really don’t have time for a man.”

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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She added that she laughed off the rumours about Nick: “I was like, ‘Damn, Nick, that’s cool for you, but it ain’t happening.’ ”

It sounds like it’s too soon for Nick Cannon too – he spoke out how he most definitely wasn’t dating Amber on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

“I think the wound’s too fresh to even be thinking about that right now”, he revealed, before adding:

“That’s someone that I’m managing…I’m really excited about everything she’s about to do in her career and building her brand. I manage a lot of people, but obviously that’s one, because she’s in the news as well and kind of a public figure, people just kind of latched onto that as the media does at times.”

So they AREN’T dating, OK everyone? It’s a working relationship, not a romantic one.

While all that’s going on, we almost missed this most excellent clip of Mariah Carey singing while cleaning – watch and enjoy below:


You know how it is…you get a tattoo of your dearly beloved, they think it’s the most romantic thing ever…and then you split up and you’re left with a tattoo of someone you HATE etched in ink on your body. It happened to Johnny Depp with Winona Ryder – who can forget when he switched his “Winona 4 Ever” tattoo to “Wino for Ever”.

Now it’s happened to Nick Cannon – who has recently split with Mariah Carey. He had a tattoo on his back which simply said “Mariah” in HUGE letters, and got it done as a wedding gift to his wife in 2008.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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He was spotted out at his birthday party with a new tattoo, which got tongues wagging that he had got a new tatt to cover up Mariah’s name. And now there’s a full picture of the new tattoo – because Nick casually left a gym topless, and bared it for all the world to see.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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So he’s been a bit creative – and popped a huge crucifix over the old tattoo. That must have HURT.

Nick also posted this Instagram video that shows the tattoo in motion.


Uh oh, things are only getting frostier between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon if this latest development is anything to go by…

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey

In Tokyo for her The Elusive Chanteuse ShowMariah Carey covered the legendary Billie Holiday’s song Don’t Explain – and of course she sounded sublime with her incredible voice and huge vocal range.

The only problem was when she changed some lyrics to the choice words “I know you cheated, mother******” – which definitely weren’t in the original song. (The original lyrics are “And I know you cheat/ Right or wrong, don’t matter.”)

If the adapted lyrics weren’t already enough to arouse suspicion about whyMariah and Nick have split, the meaning behind the song only adds to speculation.

Billie Holiday wrote the poignant song about her then-husband, Jimmy Monroe. According to Holiday’s autobiography, Lady Sings the Blues, she wrote the song after Jimmy came home one night with lipstick on his shirt collar.

Sound familiar, Nick? We predict trouble coming…

Listen to the adapted song below… you can hear Mariah‘s curious word choice at 4:29.


There’s another twist in the Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon tale – while there’s still some mystery about what’s really going on between the pair, rumours are rife that Mariah has a new love interest, Hercules filmmaker Brett Ratner, who has previously worked on some of her music videos.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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According to Page Six, the couple “speak frequently”, and have even holidayed together in Aspen.

Brett and Mariah have known each other for a number of years, as he directed several of her videos from earlier albums, including Heartbreaker and We Belong Together –  and they’ve been close friends ever since.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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We’re still holding out hope that Mariah and Nick might patch things up, though – in a recent Instagram post, Mariah‘s finger looked suspiciously like it was wearing both an engagement ring and wedding ring.

We can’t be sure, but we just can’t take the thought of Mariah and Nick splitting for good – what about dem babies?!

SOURCE: Page Six


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have kept pretty tight lipped regarding their relationship, are they heading for divorce? Are they separated? Will they get back together?  Who knows!

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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Responding to all the rumours, Nick Cannon has taken to Twitter to set the record straight. In a series of almost 20 tweets, he wrote: “I have personally been absent from social media for the past few months for obvious reasons but I feel the need to finally speak up…

“During this challenging time for me and my family it saddens me that the media can be such evil bottom feeders…

“Because my family & I haven’t been forthcoming with personal information, people are quick to paint negative pictures and spread rumours.

“For the record I NEVER have, nor will I make a statement regarding my marriage.

“So whatever your favorite gossip outlet is reporting has been created within their own imagination…

“At this difficult time I would ask all civilized people to please respect my family and this process…”

The 33-year-old TV host, continued: “Because my family & I haven’t been forthcoming with personal information, people are quick to paint negative pictures and spread rumours.

“What infuriates me most is to hear people slander @MariahCarey. I will forever be in debted to her for blessing me with our children…

“I will always love her unconditionally for this and so much more. @MariahCarey is an amazing Mother and I trust her wholeheartedly…

“So to see false reports in the media stating otherwise is absurd! While I would like to remain silent I can no longer allow this to happen.

“I love @MariahCarey and that will never change!!!”

The star also rubbished rumours that he had been unfaithful to the Hero singer and said that if the media wants to portray him as a bad guy “that’s fine”, adding: “But it is unfair to drag innocent people into the equation…”

He continued: “Others have lives, families, and careers and for the media to slander them is down right evil and illegal…

“I apologize to anyone who’s gotten caught up in this unwarranted drama.”

Nick then added: “Don’t worry about my life, worry about why you’re worried about my life!

“And finally, “Trouble in Paradise” is the dumbest phrase I’ve ever heard! I would never say that sh!t

“Now back to your regularly scheduled programming… #radiosilence.”


We’ve only just got over the fact that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are divorcing – and the cheating rumours have already begun.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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Reports are flying around that Nick has been dating 23-year-old beauty Jasmin Sanders since July, even though he and Mariah are technically still married. Apparently Nick is already taking care of Jasmin financially and, to make matters worse for Mariah, at a recent event, he and Jasmin could “barely keep their hands off each other”.

And according to an Us Weekly source, “Nick is going to file for divorce. He hung in there way longer than anybody could have expected. I would like to say she is horribly upset, but she lives in a fantasy world.”

The source added that Mariah was often suspicious of what her hubby was up to when he was travelling for work. “She always suspected that he when he was working that he was somehow out there cheating,” the source said. “And she’d be home alone, calling Nick 100 times a day. It got to be too much. And he was always faithful.”

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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Mariah was also unimpressed with Nick‘s boasting on a radio show that he’d slept with loads of famous stars, including Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Milian and Kim Kardashian. According to the source (gosh, we love this source – they know it all!): “Mariah and Nick had a major blowout about him talking about Kim. Mariah hates Kim because Nick really cared about her.”

Trouble has been brewing not only due to Nick‘s suspected philandering, but also the massive reversal in the pair’s careers. When the couple met in 2008, Mariah was undoubtedly the more successful star, but now with Nick‘s range of technology brands and clothing lines, he is the wealthier of the two.

According to a source, “Everyone told Mariah she was crazy to marry a younger guy, but he is working, like, 12 gigs now and is worth close to $70 million. He’s the breadwinner” – while Mariah has been “overspending and draining her fortune.” Apparently Mariah spends $46,000 a year on spa getaways for her eight dogs, and travels everywhere with six people just to see to her beauty needs. Nick is apparently fed up of working extra hard to keep up with her huge spending.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
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Mariah is now focusing on her new tour and reportedly “pretending the break-up isn’t happening… like with everything, she is in her own world. And now Nick is seeing there’s a new world for him out there.”

We hate to say it, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a road to recovery for these two…

SOURCE:  Us Weekly


Ah, we love it when the parents get involved.

Mariah Carey‘s father-in-law – Nick Cannon’s dad – has given his opinion about his son’s marriage, and has said how he thinks they could have become the next celebrity power couple.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey

James Cannon told Page Six that the TV host, who is living currently living separately from wife Mariah, could have focused more on her career and collaborated with her to become the next Beyoncé and Jay Z.

He told the gossip site: “If Nick could have somehow ran her business, or worked in conjunction with her, they would have been such a power couple in Hollywood. It’s difficult, but look at Beyoncé and Jay Z.”

Yeah, look at them, they’re fighting divorce rumours every day.

The devout Christian also insists Nick would never cheat on the superstar but admits he had plenty of attention from women.

He said: “Were temptations ever there with other women? Not for Nick, he genuinely loved the married life … But did that stop other women coming to him? Probably not.

“I know Nick tries really hard to stay focused and would say: ‘I’m with the most outstanding, gorgeous woman. I’ve hit the jackpot so why would I be with someone else?'”

Interestingly, Nick’s father revealed that Mariah was “at our home two weeks ago, talking and laughing  … I’ve never seen them argue.”

He added: “I see Mariah as an angel to our family … I never saw [her] as a diva.

“The love is always going to be there, but they just don’t have that quality of time. The last thing Nick will want to do is look back and think the marriage blew up in his face.”



Could things turn nasty between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? The American Idolhost has reportedly been silenced by Mariah after he spoke to The Insider and told the reporter that he and his wife were living in separate homes.

He won’t be doing that anytime soon because The Mirror reports that Nick has been hit with a legal agreement barring him from talking about their imminent divorce.

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey

It’s believed that Mariah is devastated over the split, with a source telling E! News: “She is heartbroken. This has been going on for months. It has a lot to do with Nick’s career choices. He does not have to work, but he’s been throwing himself into gigs and projects.”

“She has tried and tried to get him to stay home more, but he always uses work as an excuse,” the source explained. “When she points out that, financially, he does not need to be working as much as he does, it pisses him off and pushes him farther away. He hates when people assume he’s living off her money.”

SOURCE: E!  & The Mirror


So it turns out the rumours are true! Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon ARE having marriage trouble. *Sob*

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey
Mariah and Nick shut down Disneyland to renew their vows last yearMariah Carey/Twitter

American Idol host Cannon told The Insider: “There is trouble in paradise”, adding “We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

While he didn’t go into specifics as to WHY the couple were having relationship woes, he did say that their children, Morocco and Monroe, were the most important thing: “My main focus is my kids.”

The divorce rumours started after a report in InTouch Weekly claimed the pair were on a trial seperation as “they can’t stand each other.” And while Mariah’s rep said: “I don’t comment on Mariah’s personal life.” when asked about the rumours, clearly Nick has decided to set the record straight. Here’s hoping the couple can work things out.

SOURCE: Us Weekly


Say it isn’t so! Reports are emerging that after six years Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon could be “headed for divorce”.

It was only May 2013 that the couple renewed their vows, but now rumour has it that the pair are on a trial separation while they renovate their Tribeca loft apartment, and that they’re in talks with divorce lawyers.

The pair have three-year old twins together, Monroe and Morocco, and own four homes – one in New York, the loft in LA, one in Aspen and one in the Bahamas.

The rumours have emerged after a source told In Touch Weekly that “Mariah has had several closed door meetings with divorce lawyers.

“But Nick’s being more passive. He’s less inclined to pull the trigger, perhaps because of the kids. He’ll definitely wait for Mariah to file for divorce, but he won’t go down without a fight. He wants a chunk of her $500 million fortune.”

They added: “Nick’s sensible and realises that the twins would have a  more stable existence if Mariah had full custody. But he wants generous  visitation rights.”

The pair haven’t been seen publically together since February at an MTV event.

The In Touch source elaborated, that the couple are using the renovation as a cover up for the fact that they aren’t living together, as “they can’t stand each other.”

Trust issues are said to be the cause of the split according to a source who toldLife & Style magazine: “Bottom line is they do not trust each other.”

“When they spend time together these days, it’s just bickering. Mariah seemed to give up on the marriage earlier this year. And now he’s checked out too.”

And further support for comes from a source who told Page Six that Mariah had previously hired a security guard to follow Nick on his night club hosting gigs to “to keep him away from the girls.”

Mariah will be embraking on an 11-date tour in October, starting in Japan, while Nick is currently filming for his hosting role on America’s Got Talent.

Daily Mail reports that when asked about the rumours, Mariah’s rep said: “I don’t comment on Mariah’s personal life.”

Evidence seems to point to the fact that the pair aren’t in a happy place, but let’s hope things are at least more amicable than the gossip suggests.

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