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Presenting Justin Bieber‘s…pee-pee.

It was only a matter of time until Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon reprised the role of one of her most popular characters, Justin Bieber. So when a sexy Calvin Klein underwear ad campaign starring the 20-year-old pop star was released, and then sparked rumors and conspiracy theories about his…package, naturally, the actress stepped up to the plate once again.

“Yo. My pee-pee’s in there” she says in a parody video of the commercial, which aired on SNL on Saturday, while pointing towards her boxer-briefs-covered crotch.

NEWS: Justin Bieber bulge mystery Solved? No Photoshop used in Calvin Klein underwear ad, website says in retraction

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Fellow cast member Cecily Strong plays the part of the ad’s model, Lara Stone, who gets hot and heavy with Bieber. In the parody, she’s sooooo not into the Biebs.

“I’m a big boy now,” McKinnon says. “This tattoo, made me say, ‘Owie.'”

“My Calvins. Clothes for my big wiener,” she says, pointing to her now very padded crotch.

The parody ad also contains what may be an inside joke as well. McKinnon is shown sneaking up on and scaring Strong.

In a The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon backstage interview, former SNL writer John Mulaney that when Bieber was a guest host on a 2010 episode, he pulled a prank on him days before the show. He said he had been walking down a hallway with scripts in his hand, exhausted, when all of a sudden, “someone jumps in front of me and goes, [pretends to showcase karate chop].”

“I dropped all my papers like a nerd in school and I looked down and it was Justin Bieber,” Mulaney said. “And he laughed at me and everyone in his entourage laughed at me and then I heard his manager yell, ‘Hey Justin, come on ,we gotta go!’ and that was really when it drove home for me, because he was in a hurry. He had somewhere to be and he took time out of his day to embarrass an exhausted man.”

Bieber has not commented on his remarks.

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